Although the thought of living in your own house is very appealing, this decision requires a substantial sum of money (and a lot of courage).

For people who can’t afford to buy a house, renting a house will be the best (and in most cases – the only) option. If you find a good house and get a good deal, you can be very happy living in a rental house.

Houses for Rent by Owners: What to Think about When Choosing a Place to Live

Here are several important things to think about before you make your decision:

• Location

• Additional expenses
• Is the house in good condition?
• Safety

Location of the house

The first thing to consider when you are looking for a house is its location. If the house is close to your workplace, you will spend less money on transportation. Are there any grocery stores nearby? What about the nearest school, hospital, pharmacy, café? However, a good location will also mean higher rent. Do the math and see if you can afford to live in that particular part of the city.

Additional expenses

What about the furniture? Will you have to buy additional furniture, or the house is already furnished? Some houses are only partially furnished, and tenants have to buy some additional pieces of furniture. Buying an armchair or bed is not the same thing as buying kitchen equipment. Some things are more expensive than others. It is important to know exactly what you need to buy and how much it costs.

Is the house in good condition?

Visit the house during the day. That is the best way to see it well. Spend as much time as needed to check the house thoroughly. Also, it is advisable to revisit the house before you finally agree to rent it. You should see the house at least two times before you make your final decision. You might also want to keep your options open by seeing more than one house. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the houses you have seen. If something is broken or needs to be repaired, talk to the house owner about it before you decide to rent the house. Ask all the questions before you move in!


Needless to say, do not rent a house that is isolated or too remote from other houses. Check the neighborhood thoroughly. The house should be a safe haven for you and your family. Your children should feel safe and comfortable. You can also talk to some neighbors and find out more about how safe the neighborhood is.

Useful Tips

Before you decide to rent a house, you have to know exactly how much money you will have to spend to buy additional furniture, or rearrange the rooms.

It is important to check the house thoroughly and find things that have to be fixed BEFORE you move in. The owner has to fix everything that’s broken or damaged. However, if you don’t see these things in time, you will just have to fix them yourself.

It is important to document everything. If anything goes wrong, you will have something to rely on.

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